“I’ve been using Spot Dog Walkers for over a year now. I count on this affordable service to keep my dog happy when I’m not available for walks. John, the owner, is always helpful with any issues, should they arise, which is rare.” — Donita B.

Dog Walking When You Need It

Discover Canada’s Latest Dog Walking Solution

You’ve Probably Felt these 3 Common Pain-Points as a Dog Owner

With full-time jobs, it’s hard to get your pup all it’s exercise

Abbie, 36 (Calgary, AB)

For Abbie, the moment she finishes her 9-5 job at Deloitte, she’s gassed. Finally powering down her laptop, she hopes to catch up on cooking — or just plain relax; yet, Abbie’s pup (wound-up with energy all morning and afternoon) thinks the end of her work day means it’s time for playing! That’s why Abbie needs help with dog walking.

Nicole, 28 (Toronto, ON)

Meet Nicole, and her 4 year-old frenchie, Fred. To reconnect with old friends, Nicole started going to hot yoga every Saturday morning; what’s the issue? Each time Nicole shuts the door to leave her apartment, her pup whines and cries, and leaves a mess for her to return to. It’s gotten to the point where Nicole feels guilty about having a social life because her can’t leave her side. Nicole hopes to find help in getting Fred more exercise while she’s gone each Saturday.

David, 32 (Vancouver, BC)

Lastly, this is David. Being a self-employed electrician, David often has to unexpectedly work late on the job, or drive to sites in North Vancouver or Surrey to meet clients and give quotes. Whenever he’s out for more than 3 hrs at a time, David feels a mixture of guilt and anxiety, worrying his pup is desperately holding her bladder or barking uncontrollably. That’s why David hopes to find an on-call dog-walking service so his pup can go outside, even just for 15 minutes while he’s gone.

Introducing Spot
Dog Walkers

Trusted, On-time, Local Dog Walkers

We always show up.

Spot’s entire focus is reliablity. When a walk. isbooked we guarentee you will be connected with a walker.

Real time tracking.

All walks are GPS-tracked to provide updates on location, time and any “business” done on the walk.

The safest choice.

Our walks are all on-leash and private, walks with RCMP background checked proffesional walks.

Here is how it works

It’s pretty easy, and if you need some help just give us a call!


Download The Spot App

On your Apple or Android device, download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

(Note: it’s getting a facelift shortly, plus soon we’ll have a web app as well.)


Create Pup Profile

Create a profile for your pup, with their name and personality. The description helps walkers get to know your pup before they arrive.


Schedule Your First Walk

Book a walk in just a few clicks and have a back ground checked walker arrive at your door to walk your dog. You can book ASAP, today, tommorow, or weekly recurring walks.


Retrieving The Dog

There are many ways the walker can retrive your dog when your not home. You can use Spot lockboxes, provide a door code or let the walker in if you are home. Fill out the entry instructions clearly for the easiest retirval.


Track The Walk Live

While your dog is on a walk you can track in real time there location, see walker provided highlights and be notified if and when your dog did there “business” along the way. 

Perks With Spot

We take the time to get to know you and your pup, here is some of the things we do to welcome you to Spot!

50% off your first walk!

To see we are a good fit

First time users get accsess to 50% there first walk when they download Spot for the first time.

Lockbox, Handwritten Letter and a Calendar

Our welcome package

Once you book your first walk we provide a lockbox to gain access if needed, a welcome letter from John, the founder and a calendar with your pup on it as a bonus!

Ways To Use Spot

Spot is flexible and designed to work with your needs, below are some common ways it’s being used by dog owners.


ASAP Walks

When you get are late getting home, stuck at work or didn’t plan to leave your pup home. ASAP walk bookings guarentees walker arrival in 90min.

Get away weekend:

Future Dates

Planning a trip, out of town or won’t make it home to meet your pup? Booking a walk for later today or future dates gives you peace of mind that your dog will get they attention they need when you are away.

Create a schedule:

Recurring Walks

Recurring Walks Customize your walking schedule to supplement your dogs exercise. Book daily or weekly walks at the same time everyday and the same walker will be assigned to the schedule. We also give a pretty sweet 20% discount for recurring walks.

In The Spot Light

We had the fortunate honour of not only being featured on Dragon’s Den, but ended up negotiating a deal with Michelle.

Read All About It

As well as being in the Den, Spot has gained the attention of many other programs in Calgary and across Canada.

So here’s the cliche as seen on section:

Real Users, Real Reviews



Spot has been a lifesaver for my two high energy dogs. The quality of walkers has been so great and the app is super user friendly, and the lockbox system works really well.

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Spot has been a huge help for me since I moved and am now not able to get home to walk my dog as often during the day. 

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Q: Do I have to be home for the walker to walk my dog?

No, you don’t have to be at home. We’ll give you a free lockbox, where you can leave a key. From there, the walker can access your house and meet your dog.

Q: What if the walker breaks or steals anything from my house?

Certainly, there’s a level of trust involved; however, as long as your property and belongings doesn’t exceed $5 million dollars in value, your house and belongings are 100% insured with zero deductible which you have to pay in case of theft or damage.

Q: How can I trust the walker will be safe, kind & attentive to my dog?

You can fully get to know your dog walker by not only reviewing their profile (on the Spot app), where you’ll see their experience, but also by doing a meet-and-greet, should your walker be available to chat with you.

We completely understand your dog is family, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure safety and reliability. Not only are our walkers fully background checked, but all walks are private and on-leash; moreover, your dog is insured up to $2 million dollars, in case any accidents (such as a sprained leg) require vet attention. Please know that in over 12,000 walks, we’ve very fortunately never been faced with an injured dog.

However, should any accidents occur, we’ll be on-call and ready to help you in any way possible, such as driving over to help your dog on-site and in-person.

Q: How long are the dog walks?

You can choose from four options: 15min, 30min, 45min, and 60min walks.

Q: How much do the dog walks cost?

For single, one-off walks, pricing begins at $16. However, you can save up to 10% by purchasing packages (of 5 or 10 walks), and you can save an additional 10% by purchasing recurring walks. So, even though our pricing starts at $16 per single walk, you can save up to 20% after you feel comfortable with the service.

Note: you’ll automatically receive a 50% discount on your first walk upon downloading the Spot app today.

Q: What happens if the walker arrives late?

In case your walker arrives even 1min late, please let us know (via the in-app support chat, or via phone, or email) and you can have that walk for free.

Q: Can I schedule a single or recurring dog walk in the future?

Yes, not only are we an on-demand (or, on the “Spot”!) dog walking service, but you can also schedule a walk for the future.

You can also schedule recurring walks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Q: Can you help me setup my account or book a walk?

Yes, please call us at 1-877-SPOT-WLK and we can guide you step-by-step through the booking process.

Q: Can I speak to customer support? My question wasn’t answered here.

Absolutely – there are 3 ways you can reach us; for immediate support, we kindly suggest that you call us.

Option 1 (Phone): Call 1-877-SPOT-WLK
Option 2 (In-App Chat): Download and open the Spot app & select the support chat option
Option 3 (Email): Send an email to our company account, admin@spotwalk.ca

Try Spot today and get 50% off your first walk!

When you download the Spot app today, you will automatically save 50% off your first walk! We have tons of walkers eager to take your fury friend out for some exercise!