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Debbie For Mayor!

If you would like to spread the word about Spot’s “Debbie for Mayor” campaign, please feel more than welcome to use the information below; you will find a backstory of Spot Dog Walkers, an explanation of this campaign, and the mission that inspired Debbie to run for office, and a collection of photos. 

A message to the press

We kindly ask whether you would consider spreading the word by tapping into the Calgary Community’s funny-bone and curiosity to learn more about Spot’s “Debbie For Mayor” campaign.

For more information, please contact Spot’s founder John Minchin.


Phone: (403) 477-4377

About Us

Spot Dog Walkers

Founded in Calgary in 2016, Spot Dog Walkers is on a mission to improve the lives of pets and their owners across Canada!

Now servicing Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton, Spot is the safest, easiest, and most reliable way to schedule a dog walker. With live GPS walk tracking and guaranteed walker arrival in under 90-minutes or the walk is free, Spot makes booking a dog walk as easy as booking an Uber.

Spot has completed over 75,000 dog walks to date, and by donating 10-cents for every 10-minutes walked, we’ve been able to donate over $20,000 to animal rescues and shelters! We know it’s not going to be easy, but if we can grow to one day service over 100 cities, we know we’ll be able to make a very meaningful impact in the world!

Why Calgary Should Care

The Purpose Behind this Campaign

By ultimately raising awareness for Spot Dog Walkers through the “Debbie for Mayor” campaign, three valued groups stand to benefit: busy dog-owners of Calgary, Calgary’s growing tech community, and animals (both dogs and… elephants)!

As Calgarians learn about Spot, we hope they will no longer need to worry and stress about leaving their dog home alone all day. Spot connects dog owners with private, on-leash dog walkers to ensure each dog receives the constant one-on-one attention the deserve.

Calgary is an economic force that embraces the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, athletics, and culture. With the growth of local tech startups like Spot, Calgary can continue its effort to diversify the economic focus outside of the oil & gas industry in hopes of remaining an economic global force for decades to come.

Most important, by donating 10-cents for every 10-minuntes walked, animals stand to benefit the most… all the way from Calgary to Kenya!

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Press Release

Debbie For Mayor 

Click below for the full press release on the “Debbie For Mayor” campaign.