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We Interviewed 3 Dog Owners to Learn…

the Top 3 Challenges Dog Owners Face

Abbie, 36 (Calgary, AB)

For Abbie, the moment she finishes her 9-5 job at Deloitte, she’s spent. Finally turning off her laptop, she hopes to catch up on cooking, or just relax. But, Abbie’s pup (wound-up like a top) thinks the end of work means the start of play! That’s why Abbie needed help with dog walking.

Nicole, 28 (Toronto, ON)

Meet Nicole and her pup. Nicole started going to hot yoga every Saturday morning, but it quickly hit a snag. Every time Nicole puts her shoes on to leave, her pup just yelps and cries. It got to the point where Nicole felt too guilty about her hot yoga and quit! Nicole could use some help with spending her dog’s energy.

David, 32 (Vancouver, BC)

Last, this is David. David’s a self-employed electrician, and often works late or needs to drive far to North Van or Surrey for work. When he’s out for a full day, he gets nervous that his dog is lonely or needs to go #1 or #2. That’s why he’d like some help with private dog walks.

Know That Feeling?

If So, You Might Like the Spot App.

Spot’s got your dog walks covered. Now & next week.

Could You Get Dog Walks for Free?

It’s highly unlikely, but there’s a 0.17% chance..

That’s because, if your dog walker is late — even by 1min — your walk’s on us. But in over 12,000 walks, we’ve only had to pay for 3 late walks!

Know Exactly Where Your Dog Poos & Pees

Your dog’s walk will be GPS-tracked in real-time — in fact, follow along with their route live with the Spot app on your phone!

On the app’s birds-eye-view map, your walker marks exactly where you dog goes #1 and #2. Plus, you’ll see Instagram-esque stories (posted live by the walker) of your dog soaking in the sunshine.

Your Pup’s Health Insurance Is On Us

While getting walked, your pup legally gets Spot’s premium pet insurance.

Here’s How Spot Works

Spot’s got your dog walks covered. Now & next week

i. Get the Spot Dog Walking App

With an easy-to-use iOS & Android app, Spot offers private dog walking at your fingertips — just a few taps away.

ii. Add your pup’s profile

By sharing your pup’s name and personality, our walkers can predict your pup’s habits and “click” with your dog faster!

iii. Schedule a walk

Now or next week, Spot your dog a walk. All walks are private & on-leash.

Plus, your first walk is 50% off!

iv. Track your dog’s walk, live

While you’re “busy” relaxing, tune into the Spot app and watch your dog’s live GPS-tracked walk in real-time!

Plus, follow along with Instagram-esque video stories & see the marked locations where your pup goes #1 and #2.

FAQ: Do I Have to Be at Home to Let the Dog Walker In?


No, you don’t have to be at home!

Spot gives you a free lockbox, so your walker can safely enter & leash your dog. If for instance your walker accidentally knocks your dish onto the floor, your home & valuables are covered with Spot’s $5m of home insurance.

Meet Some of Our Dog Walkers

Even Better…


You Get Free Stuff When You Try Spot

the Higher the Tier You Reach, the Cooler the Stuff!


If You: download the Spot app

You Get: a 50% off coupon for your first dog walk


If You: book your first walk

You Get: a free lockbox, a handwritten letter from our CEO, and a mini desk calendar (featuring a picture of your dog)


If You: complete 5 walks

You Get: 5 stickers of your dog, sent to you via mail, as thanks for being an awesome customer!

Have a Healthy Dog and a Healthy Social (or Work) Life.

Yes, These Reviews Are Real

More Time for You, More Walks for Your Dog

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Q: Do I have to be home for the walker to walk my dog?

No, you don’t have to be at home. We’ll give you a free lockbox, where you can leave a key. From there, the walker can access your house and meet your dog.

Q: What if the walker breaks or steals anything from my house?

Certainly, there’s a level of trust involved; however, as long as your property and belongings doesn’t exceed $5 million dollars in value, your house and belongings are 100% insured with zero deductible which you have to pay in case of theft or damage. 

Q: How can I trust the walker will be safe, kind & attentive to my dog?

You can fully get to know your dog walker by not only reviewing their profile (on the Spot app), where you’ll see their experience, but also by doing a meet-and-greet, should your walker be available to chat with you. 

We completely understand your dog is family, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure safety and reliability. Not only are our walkers fully background checked, but all walks are private and on-leash; moreover, your dog is insured up to $2 million dollars, in case any accidents (such as a sprained leg) require vet attention. Please know that in over 12,000 walks, we’ve very fortunately never been faced with an injured dog.

However, should any accidents occur, we’ll be on-call and ready to help you in any way possible, such as driving over to help your dog on-site and in-person. 

Q: How long are the dog walks?

You can choose from four options: 15min, 30min, 45min, and 60min walks.

Q: How much do the dog walks cost?

For single, one-off walks, pricing begins at $16. However, you can save up to 10% by purchasing packages (of 5 or 10 walks), and you can save an additional 10% by purchasing recurring walks. So, even though our pricing starts at $16 per single walk, you can save up to 20% after you feel comfortable with the service.

Note: you’ll automatically receive a 50% discount on your first walk upon downloading the Spot app today.

Q: What happens if the walker arrives late?

In case your walker arrives even 1min late, please let us know (via the in-app support chat, or via phone, or email) and you can have that walk for free.

Q: Can I schedule a single or recurring dog walk in the future?

Yes, not only are we an on-demand (or, on the “Spot”!) dog walking service, but you can also schedule a walk for the future. 

You can also schedule recurring walks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Q: Can you help me setup my account or book a walk?

Yes, please call us at 1-877-SPOT-WLK and we can guide you step-by-step through the booking process.

Q: Can I speak to customer support? My question wasn’t answered here.

Absolutely – there are 3 ways you can reach us; for immediate support, we kindly suggest that you call us.

Option 1 (Phone): Call 1-877-SPOT-WLK
Option 2 (In-App Chat): Download and open the Spot app & select the support chat option
Option 3 (Email): Send an email to our company account, admin@spotwalk.ca

Relax and Let Your Dog Do the Exercising

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