Anything is Paw-sible

Debbie For Mayor!

Deborah Rose, Dragons Den icon, tech mogul & canine advocate will officially be running in the 2021 Calgary mayoral election. With a lack of representation from the canine community, Debbie presents a new hope for Calgarians and their furry sidekicks as she is stepping up to build a safer, more reliable dog walking community. Debbie’s doing more than just “talking the talk”, she demands #WalksforAll

Creating a Pet Friendly Calgary:

Health and Safety

Every Dog Must Walk

Pawsitive Change

A Pet Friendly Calgary

Educating Owners

Helping Owners, Help Us

Canine Recovery Program

Being A Dog Is Ruff

The Face of YYC

A Pawsitive Calgary Candidate

Debbie Rose is Calgary’s latest Mayoral Candidate. Envision a better Calgary. All the walks your pup could want, all the treats to keep their belly full, and enough nap time to make sloths look like athletes.

Debbie has built her campaign on the platform of


This platform is to ensure that Calgarians can trust a candidate that won’t just talk the talk, with Debbie, Calgarians will have a mayor who prides herself on her ability to WALK THE WALK.

The Platform

Debbie + Spot

Health & Safety Comes First

Debbie encourages all pet owners to consider the amount of exercise their pets need,  and whether they are reaching the recommended daily time.

Debbie pledges to crack down on dog owners who leave their four legged friends for more than 5 hours.

To ensure all dog owners are meeting their pups physical and mental needs, she has partnered Spot Dog Walkers to enforce #WALKSFORALL. To make life easier and more accessible than ever, Spot is offering 50% any Calgary dog owner’s first walk!

Debbie Gives Back

Pawsitive Change

Debbie stands for diversity and inclusivity towards all animals no matter their breed, background, or bark.

For years, Debbie has been devoted to spreading awareness and raising funds for animals in need. From Calgary all the way to Kenya, Debbie has donated more than $20,000 to animal rescues, including the Calgary Humane Society, AARCS, Pawsitive Match, and her current partner the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust… a heartwarming organization that rescues and rehabilitates orphaned baby elephants.

As Mayor of Calgary, Debbie vows to continue supporting animals in need by donating 10-cents for every 10-minutes walked through Spot. With compassion and humility, Debbie will bring Pawsitive change to Calgary!

The Hard Hitting Questions

Educating Owners

Running for mayor is no walk in the park, Debbie has been as busy as a beaver preparing to lead this city through its next exciting chapter! But in a year where mental health and physical wellbeing have never been more important, Debbie also understands the value of knowledge and information when it comes to one’s health and wellness.

The Spot Academy is Debbie’s answer to all of society’s burning questions. Whether you need advice to help navigate separation anxiety, or you’re looking to help an obese dog lose weight, Debbie and the Spot Academy are here to help!

Been Workin’ Like a Dog

The Canine Recovery Program

Being a dog is hard… from standing guard to the potential threat of mailmen, suspicious vehicles, & amazon deliver drivers, to sitting on command, shaking a paw, and rolling over for rewards, there’s almost no time to relax and recharge after a hard day’s work.

As mayor, Debbie will implement the canine recovery program, where between the hours of 6:00pm – 10:00pm dogs will not be made to work, do tricks, or perform any other physically demanding task requested by their owner. The canine recovery time should be spent chewing bones, playing with toys, and cuddling with humans, because our city’s dogs work hard and deserve a little more love and attention.

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